Reserve a place for the October 25th meeting Reservation

Please help us plan the number of tables and meals that will be needed for this meeting by indicating your intention of attending in person. Members are now charged in advance for meals, so registration costs nothing - you have already paid for your meal. There will be a charge of $30 for guests. Meals Exempt Rotarians need not register unless they are planning on participating in the meal service.

  1. Rotarians, please login first or you won’t have access to tickets and special pricing available only to Rotarians.
  2. Use the first reservation block for yourself. To add a guest to your reservation, use the Add Person button.
  3. For Rotarians, type the first few characters of the last name and then pick from the drop down list.

    Person 1

    Rotarian: $0.00

    Guest: $30.00

    Prospective Member Guest (1st or 2nd visit): $0.00

    Speaker for this Meeting: $0.00

    Self-paying Guest ($30 on Arrival): $0.00