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Join Our Caribbean Island Rotarians as People of Action Rebuilding After The Hurricanes

Editor's Note: This article shares highlights from Director Ferrell's recent visit with some of our Caribbean Island Rotary family in the Caribbean, also part of Rotary Zone 34, just like us. Several of our clubs have already expressed interest in helping out. If your club is interested in getting involved, contact District Disaster Relief Chair Steve Stanfield.

I would like to share a recent experience traveling to Barbados, Dominica, St Maarten, Anguilla, and Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. My visit came 4+ months after the hurricane. I had considered such visits earlier, but was concerned that I would be considered a “looker” when what was needed was “doers.” When I did visit, I came to see the damage and the recovery progress, and most importantly to be with the people. [more]

Jackie Cuthbert Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
March 6, 2018

Less Than Eight Weeks to Rotacon 2018!

Warmer weather, blooming plants, and longer days – all signs that district conference is just around the corner! Rotacon 2018 promises to be a weekend full of great speakers, enjoyable excursions, and Rotarian fellowship that you won’t want to miss. Join us in Sandestin from April 26-29! [more]

Ryan Clements Posted by Ryan Clements
March 6, 2018

Support Our Biggest Force Multiplier

The first—and arguably the best—reason to be a Rotarian is because Rotary amplifies your ability to serve others. By joining with 1.2 million other Rotarians around the globe, you dramatically increase your impact on our world. Alone you can do little. As a Rotarian you can help a disabled neighbor gain access to their house; fix a life broken by abuse; build a dam in Africa; provide food to children in our schools who are hungry; help thousands learn to read; eradicate polio; and support tens of thousands of other acts of kindness all across our planet.

The Rotary Foundation, your foundation, is the engine that enables this multiplying effect.

As we head towards the fourth quarter of this rotary year, I ask you and every Rotarian to take a look at your financial situation and consider providing some additional support to our foundation. If you have already given, think about giving a little more this year. And if you haven't yet gotten around to making your gift this year, please go ahead and do so now.

Thank you.

Donate Now [more]

Alec Smythe Posted by Alec Smythe
March 5, 2018

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Since 1985, Rotary has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the effort to rid the world of the polio virus. We are this close.

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