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ClubMeeting DateProgram 
Marietta MetroMar 19, 2018Marcy Stidum - KSU Director CARE
Douglas CountyMar 19, 2018Brandon Pennamon with Fit For The Future
BuckheadMar 19, 2018Paul Carriere, COO, Atlanta History Center Cyclorama, Confederate monuments
SenoiaMar 19, 2018Katie Pace, Southern Conservation Trust
MiltonMar 19, 2018Regular Meeting - Michele MacMaster
Jackson-Butts CountyMar 20, 2018Regular Meeting
BainbridgeMar 20, 2018Regular Meeting
BarnesvilleMar 20, 2018Regular Meeting
Midtown AtlantaMar 20, 2018Meeting
Lake Spivey / Clayton CountyMar 21, 2018Regular Meeting
East CobbMar 21, 2018Regular Meeting
BrookhavenMar 21, 2018Regular Meeting, Speaker: Dr. John Dugaw/International Fellowship of Rotarian Doctors
Johns Creek North FultonMar 21, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleMar 22, 2018Regular Meeting-Al Latimer, Director of the Office of Economic Vitality in Tallahassee. Will speak on Tallahassee’s bid for the Amazon HQ2
Atlanta AirportMar 22, 2018Club Assembly
North CobbMar 22, 2018SOUNS, Brenda Erickson
Henry CountyMar 22, 2018Rotary After Hours
QuitmanMar 22, 2018Regular Meeting
TuckerMar 22, 2018District Governor Visit Today!
GriffinMar 22, 2018Chris Brand, Executive Director, Friends of Disabled Children & Adults
Muscogee-ColumbusMar 22, 2018Regular Meeting
CamillaMar 22, 2018Regular Meeting
Atlanta West EndMar 23, 2018Regular Meeting
DunwoodyMar 23, 2018Steve Hamilton, MD Anderson - Making Cancer History
NewnanMar 23, 2018Mark Johnson, mentalist
Marietta MetroMar 26, 2018Marietta Police Safety Ambassadors Program
SenoiaMar 26, 2018Gazebo Clean Up - Service Project
Douglas CountyMar 26, 2018Doug Ellis with Angel Flight
Henry CountyMar 26, 2018Regular Meeting
BuckheadMar 26, 2018Edward S. Heys, Managing Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLC. Chairman, the United Way campaign
MiltonMar 26, 2018Regular Meeting - Mark Butler
Jackson-Butts CountyMar 27, 2018Regular Meeting
BainbridgeMar 27, 2018Regular Meeting
BarnesvilleMar 27, 2018Regular Meeting
Midtown AtlantaMar 27, 2018Pro Bono Partnership ATL
Lake Spivey / Clayton CountyMar 28, 2018Regular Meeting
BrookhavenMar 28, 2018Special Event held at the Shepherd Center
East CobbMar 28, 2018Regular Meeting
Johns Creek North FultonMar 28, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleMar 29, 2018NO LUNCH MEETING TODAY-Cookout tonight
NewnanMar 29, 2018Spring Social - Low Country Boil
Atlanta AirportMar 29, 2018Service Project
North CobbMar 29, 2018Love 2 Hope, Sean and Kay Levesque
North CobbMar 29, 2018Rotary Volunteer at KSU Food Pantry
QuitmanMar 29, 2018Regular Meeting
TuckerMar 29, 2018No Meeting Today. Tucker Charter Night party is tonight.
GriffinMar 29, 2018Meeting Cancelled - Happy Easter!
Muscogee-ColumbusMar 29, 2018Regular Meeting
CamillaMar 29, 2018Regular Meeting
Atlanta West EndMar 30, 2018Regular Meeting