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ClubMeeting DateProgram 
SenoiaMay 21, 2018Offsite Meeting at Coffee by David
Marietta MetroMay 21, 2018Golf tournament fundraiser
Douglas CountyMay 21, 2018Chief Scott Spencer: Douglas County Fire Chief
BuckheadMay 21, 2018Ray Glier, sports journalist. Author of “4th and Goal Every Day - An inside look at Alabama Crimson Tide.”
MiltonMay 21, 2018Regular Meeting
Jackson-Butts CountyMay 22, 2018Regular Meeting
Midtown AtlantaMay 22, 2018Meeting
BainbridgeMay 22, 2018Regular Meeting
BarnesvilleMay 22, 2018Regular Meeting
BrookhavenMay 23, 20184th Wednesday - No Club Meeting
East CobbMay 23, 2018Regular Meeting
Lake Spivey / Clayton CountyMay 23, 2018Regular Meeting
Johns Creek North FultonMay 23, 2018Regular Meeting
Peachtree CityMay 24, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleMay 24, 2018Regular Meeting-Program- Annika A. Culver and Laws of Life & Scholarship Recipients
TuckerMay 24, 2018Regular meeting at the Magnolia Room in Tucker
Atlanta AirportMay 24, 2018Club Assembly
North CobbMay 24, 2018Lessons Learned from Smoke
Henry CountyMay 24, 2018Rotary After Hours
CamillaMay 24, 2018Regular Meeting
Muscogee-ColumbusMay 24, 2018Regular Meeting
NewnanMay 25, 2018NO MEETING
Atlanta West EndMay 25, 2018Club Assembly -open for Visiting Rotarians
DunwoodyMay 25, 2018No meeting
SenoiaMay 28, 2018No Meeting - Memorial Day
BuckheadMay 28, 2018No Meeting - Memorial Day
Douglas CountyMay 28, 2018No Meeting---Memorial Day
Marietta MetroMay 28, 2018No Meeting Memorial Day
MiltonMay 28, 2018No meeting - Memorial Day
Midtown AtlantaMay 29, 2018No Meeting - Ansley Golf Club closed
Jackson-Butts CountyMay 29, 2018Regular Meeting
Fayette DaybreakMay 29, 2018NO MEETING
BainbridgeMay 29, 2018Regular Meeting
BarnesvilleMay 29, 2018Regular Meeting
BrookhavenMay 30, 20185th Wednesday - No Club Meeting
East CobbMay 30, 2018Regular Meeting
Lake Spivey / Clayton CountyMay 30, 2018Regular Meeting
Johns Creek North FultonMay 30, 2018Regular Meeting
Peachtree CityMay 31, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleMay 31, 2018Regular Meeting-Ashley Quinn, Collections Mgr at Georgia College speaking on Paleontology & fossils in our region
Atlanta AirportMay 31, 2018NO MEETING - SOCIAL EVENT
North CobbMay 31, 2018Mayor Derek Easterling, City of Kennesaw
CamillaMay 31, 2018Regular Meeting
Muscogee-ColumbusMay 31, 2018Regular Meeting
GriffinMay 31, 2018Roy Bown, President Georgia Association of Manufacturers
NewnanJun 1, 2018LINC
Atlanta West EndJun 1, 2018Regular Meeting
DunwoodyJun 1, 2018Jim Reese, CEO, The Atlanta Mission
BuckheadJun 4, 2018Becky Kurtz, Director of Area Agency on Aging, Atlanta Regional Committee
Douglas CountyJun 4, 2018State Representative Micah Gravley for District 67, Douglasville