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ClubMeeting DateProgram 
GriffinSep 20, 2018Marcia Ridley, Spalding County Election Supervisor
CamillaSep 20, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleSep 20, 2018Regular Meeting-Kim Lord, Brookwood College Counselor
Muscogee-ColumbusSep 20, 2018Regular Meeting
Peachtree CitySep 20, 2018Regular Meeting
RoswellSep 20, 2018Mentoring our Youth - Ron Clark, Ron Clark Academy
North CobbSep 20, 2018Jimmy Gisi, Director, Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department
Lake Spivey / Clayton CountySep 20, 2018Special Meeting - Human Trafficking for Clayton County school Counselors
QuitmanSep 20, 2018Regular Meeting
NewnanSep 21, 2018No Meeting
DunwoodySep 21, 2018Mathilde Illum, GRSP Student
SenoiaSep 24, 2018Kevin Barbee - Clothes Less Traveled
Douglas CountySep 24, 2018Kevin Livingston
MiltonSep 24, 2018Regular Meeting - Club Assembly
Marietta MetroSep 24, 2018No Meeting Fall Break
BuckheadSep 24, 2018Ryan Marshall, CEO, Pulte Group
BarnesvilleSep 25, 2018Regular Meeting
North FultonSep 25, 2018Treasure Hunt On Location at the Child Development Academy
Midtown AtlantaSep 25, 2018Program
BainbridgeSep 25, 2018Regular Meeting
CuthbertSep 25, 2018Regular Meeting
MariettaSep 26, 2018No Meeting
BrookhavenSep 26, 2018No Meeting Scheduled
Johns Creek North FultonSep 26, 2018Red Badge Meeting at 11:00am
Johns Creek North FultonSep 26, 2018Mark Johnson Speaker
East CobbSep 26, 2018Regular Meeting
Lake Spivey / Clayton CountySep 26, 2018Regular Meeting
GriffinSep 27, 2018GHS, SHS, & PCHS head coaches w/updates. SHS Lady Jags and their Coach too.
CamillaSep 27, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleSep 27, 2018Regular Meeting-Josh Small of Specatcor Management Group
TuckerSep 27, 2018Regular Meeting
Muscogee-ColumbusSep 27, 2018Regular Meeting
Peachtree CitySep 27, 2018Regular Meeting
RoswellSep 27, 2018Peace - Malek Jandali, Pianos for Peace
North CobbSep 27, 2018No morning meeting today-Our meeting will be an event for The Extension in Marietta
QuitmanSep 27, 2018Regular Meeting
NewnanSep 28, 2018Dr. Kyle Marrero, UWG President - Update on UWG
DunwoodySep 28, 2018Club Assembly
MiltonOct 1, 2018Regular Meeting - Club Assembly
SenoiaOct 1, 2018District Governor Visit
Marietta MetroOct 1, 2018Marion Curry - Uganda Water Project
Midtown AtlantaOct 2, 2018Georgia Outdoor Stewardship
Johns Creek North FultonOct 3, 2018Shirley House Speaker (Gwinnett Symphony)
BrookhavenOct 3, 2018BJay Pak: US Dept of Justice (Mtg host: Tony Shaffer)
MariettaOct 3, 2018Sharon Mason, President and CEO of Cobb Chamber of Commerce
GriffinOct 4, 2018Club Outing - No meeting
RoswellOct 4, 2018Andrew Dietz - Creative Influence
ThomasvilleOct 4, 2018Regular Meeting-Mandy Vickers Zahniser with Lives Without Limits
Muscogee-ColumbusOct 4, 2018Regular Meeting
North FultonOct 4, 2018Krause Family Motors - Concert in the Park