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ClubMeeting DateProgram 
CamillaJul 19, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleJul 19, 2018Regular Meeting-Terry Howell will speak about the U. S. Naval Academy
Peachtree CityJul 19, 2018Regular Meeting
GriffinJul 19, 2018"New" Griffin Spalding County Airport - Bob Stapleton, Project Manager
Muscogee-ColumbusJul 19, 2018Regular Meeting
North CobbJul 19, 2018Offsite Meeting at Logan Farm House Acworth Update on Downtown Redevelopment Projects
DecaturJul 20, 2018Regular Meeting
PelhamJul 20, 2018Kasey Blackburn
NewnanJul 20, 2018Club Assembly--overview of new year's goals/plans
DunwoodyJul 20, 2018Tony Barnhart - Mr College Football
Atlanta West EndJul 20, 2018Regular Meeting
Douglas CountyJul 23, 2018Darlene Duke - Executive Director - Sweetwater Mission
BuckheadJul 23, 2018Mark Galvin, CEO and Founder, ePresence LLC: "Danger Ahead - Social Media"
Marietta MetroJul 23, 2018Gone with the Wind Museum
Meriwether County (Warm Springs)Jul 24, 2018Regular Meeting
Jackson-Butts CountyJul 24, 2018Regular Meeting
Midtown AtlantaJul 24, 2018TBD
North ColumbusJul 24, 2018Regular Meeting
BarnesvilleJul 24, 2018Regular Meeting
East CobbJul 25, 2018Regular Meeting
BrookhavenJul 25, 2018No Meeting Scheduled
MariettaJul 25, 2018Lauretta Hannon
Lake Spivey / Clayton CountyJul 25, 2018Regular Meeting
CamillaJul 26, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleJul 26, 2018Regular Meeting - Ceaira Tinsley, SSgt, USAF
North FultonJul 26, 2018Alpharetta Food Trucks Tailgate
Peachtree CityJul 26, 2018Regular Meeting
GriffinJul 26, 2018New Hire Recognition of Griffin Spalding County Schools, Edna Aikens
Muscogee-ColumbusJul 26, 2018Regular Meeting
North CobbJul 26, 2018Let's talk about your health with Nancy Mansoud Weight Loss and Metabolic Expert-Jeff Bass, Bob Hovey and Mike Emanuelo
TuckerJul 26, 2018We anticipate having our Club Assembly
DecaturJul 27, 2018Regular Meeting
NewnanJul 27, 2018Kenya Business Training project--Janie Lore
DunwoodyJul 27, 2018Dell Spry - FBI (Aldrich Ames)
Atlanta West EndJul 27, 2018Regular Meeting
Douglas CountyJul 30, 2018Ryan Leonard - District Attorney Douglas County
BuckheadJul 30, 201812:15 Dr. Brian Hill - Co-founder and President, HIPnation: “Fixing the Healthcare System from Within the Doctor's Office"
Marietta MetroJul 30, 2018Andy Tatnall Habitat for Humanity
Meriwether County (Warm Springs)Jul 31, 2018Regular Meeting
Jackson-Butts CountyJul 31, 2018Regular Meeting
North FultonJul 31, 2018High School Day with RCNF
Midtown AtlantaJul 31, 2018TBD
North ColumbusJul 31, 2018Regular Meeting
BarnesvilleJul 31, 2018Regular Meeting
MariettaAug 1, 2018Dr. David Gattie, Professor at UGA on Energy Production
BrookhavenAug 1, 2018Taifa Butler, Executive Director of the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute
East CobbAug 1, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleAug 2, 2018Regular Meeting-Mark Butler, State of Georgia Labor Commissioner
GriffinAug 2, 2018The Elegant Magic of Peter Morrison
Muscogee-ColumbusAug 2, 2018Regular Meeting