2018 Awards

You will see a dramatic difference in the way clubs are recognized this year. The District is replacing competitive awards with the recognition of achievement. Each club will have the opportunity to reach as high a level of achievement as it chooses. Clubs are in control. And we are moving many awards to the end of the year so we don’t lose the fourth quarter of giving and membership growth.

The Rotary Citation will be the criteria by which clubs are recognized at Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. This recognition will be made at the Year End celebration along with awards for Foundation giving and Membership. There will be neither Governor’s Citation nor Best Club/Runner-Up Awards. The levels of achievement will be determined as follows, regardless of club size:

  • Silver – achieve four goals in each category of Presidential Citation and 16 goals total;
  • Gold – achieve four goals in each category and 20 goals total; and
  • Platinum – achieve four goals in each category and 24 goals total.

Required activities on Rotary Citation are mandatory for any recognition.

Achieved goals are to be recorded in Rotary Club Central. Club Category Sizes will remain the same: 1-30, 31-60, 61-100, 101+

At the District Conference, there is going to be a special night devoted to the celebration of SERVICE PROJECTS from clubs throughout the District with domestic and international projects, solo projects and shared projects. Click here for more details (on page 2).

District Conference Awards

  • Sheffield Award (by club)
  • Follow Me Award Best
  • Rotarian of the Year
  • GRSP Outstanding Leadership, Outstanding Student, and Giving Awards
  • Service Oscars – Service Project Awards

Year End Celebrstion Awards

  • Public Image Award (Best Yearbook, Best Bulletin, Best Public Relations, etc…)
  • Rotary Citation Achievement

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