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Mission Possible Impact Video (2015)Videos
GRSP Year Video (2015)Videos
Whitfield Award (2015)Videos
Friday Night Awards (2015)Videos
Bill Whaley RYLA (2015)Videos
Laws of Life (2015)Videos
Bob Hagan Speech (2015)Videos
Rodney Bullard (2015)Videos
Sunday Awards (2015)Videos
Conference in Review (2015)Videos
Bob Hagan Theme & Presentation (2015)Videos
Hilton Head Promo (2016)Videos
Steve Sterling (2015)Videos
EPeptarian - September 29, 201709292017 E PepNewsletterspdf
2016-11 Foundation Webinar (2017)1 hour YouTube video of Foundation webinar held in District 6900Presidents, Foundation Chairsfoundation, video
2016-08-11 Membership Webinar (2017)1 hour YouTube video of membership webinar held in District 6900Membership Chairs, Videosmembership,video,webinar
District Governor Nominee Form1 page form for submitting nomination for District GovernorPresidentspdf
GRSP Intern Request - May Newsletter Addition1 page PDFNewsletterspdf
December, 2015 RLI Cruise (2015)1 page PDF scan of RLI flyerNewsletterspdf
Planning Your Year (2017)1 page PowerPoint with diagram of planning processPresidents, Presidents-ElectPETS,Planningpptx
2016 District Conference Sponsorship Form (2016)1 page Word document on District Conference sponsorship opportunitiesdocx
Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief Funding (2019)1-page MS Word application for disaster relief emergency fundingPresidents, Service Chairsdoc
Global Grant Scholarships Handout1-page overview of District Global Grant Scholar programFoundation Chairsdocx
Sponsor Responsibilities1-page overview of new member Sponsor ResponsibilitiesPresidents, Membership Chairssponsor,membership
2015 Foundation Seminar Agenda (2016)1-page PDF agenda for the 2015 Foundation Seminarpdf
Areas of Focus Overview Chart1-page PDF chart outlining Rotary’s six Areas of FocusPresidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs, Service Chairsdistrict grantspdf
Areas of Focus Goal Chart1-page PDF chart summarizing areas of focusFoundation Chairspdf
2016 District Chain of Command1-page PDF diagram showing District TeamResourcespdf
District Governor Eligible Expenses (2018)1-page PDF documenting Rotary policy with regard to reimbursing expenses incurred by District Governorsexpense,reimburse,governorpdf
2017 Rotaract Award (2017)1-page PDF for submission for 2017 Rotaract Awardpdf
2017 Interact Award (2017)1-page PDF form for submission for 2017 Interact Awardpdf
2019 District Conference Lodging Information (2019)1-page PDF housing request formPresidentspdf
2016 District Service Projects (2016)1-page PDF listing 2016 District Service ProjectsService Chairspdf
District Rotary Foundation Committee (2016)1-page PDF organization chartFoundation Chairspdf
Attraction vs. Attrition chart1-page PDF showing our clubs plotted by average attraction rate, average attrition rate and sizePresidentspdf
Apple Polishing Parking Directions (2015)1-page PDF showing parking at Atlanta International Schoolpdf
District 6900 2015 Literacy Project Fair application (2015)1-page Word application for 2015 Literacy Project FairService Chairsdoc
Rotary AIDS-HT Fillable Form1-page Word document for recording information about schools participating in the District AIDS/Human Trafficking projectService Chairsdocx