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Before You Start Singing Auld Lang Syne...

While the time has come for the Rotary year to wrap up and a new year begin, the work isn’t done yet! June is the last chance for you to send in your Foundation giving. Take a minute to write that check to The Rotary Foundation – not because you have to, but because you want to. Think about the impact your money can have on the world. Your money means there will be children who never contract Polio, entire communities will have safe, clean water and people will be able to learn skills that will allow them to support themselves and their families. Literally 5 minutes of your time means you could change the lives of people around the world. What better way to invest your time and money?

As a point of information, all payments dated June 30 or earlier will be credited to this Rotary year. Thanks to the many updates to the Rotary.org website, they have become much better at tracking donations and applying them to the proper Rotary year.

Now is also the time to begin looking ahead to the coming year. We have a new Foundation recognition program rolling out in our district next year (ask your President about The Winner’s Circle!). A bit of planning will make all the difference.

Posted by Margie Kersey
June 1, 2018


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