Update on Warm Springs Project
Annual Report for Friends of Ann Johnson and Adopt a Cottage Program Roosevelt Warm Springs

from PDG Steve Stanfield

When I last reported to you, we had reached an agreement with Georgia Department of Natural Resource (GA DNR) – The Little White House – to put the Polio Eradication Museum - in memory of Past District Governor Ann Johnson (first female District Governor of Rotary District 6900 – and in all of Georgia) at the outdoor pool at Warm Springs, Georgia. Since my last report the following has happened:

  • A Memorandum of Agreement has been signed between Georgia Department of Natural Resources and The Roosevelt Warm Springs Development Fund to guide the project to completion
  • The design of the museum by the firm of Murphy & Orr – Rotarians from Lake Spivey Clayton County has been approved by our steering committee and GA DNR
  • A mid project review was held at the Little White House with representatives from GA DNR, The Roosevelt Warm Springs Development Fund, and Murphy & Orr – the design, layout, and displays were approved at this meeting
  • Rotary International has been in communication with us and is assisting in the verification of the information about the eradication of polio to be used in the exhibits
  • Funds are sufficient for the completion of the museum, but more funds might be raised for pool restoration at a future date
  • Estimated date for completion is for December of 2018, with a grand opening for donors and guest scheduled tentatively for late December or January of 2019

Further, I am please to report that the Director of Roosevelt Warm Springs has designated two cottages for renovation and repurposing. One cottage will be used for the Autism Spectrum Program and the other for the Vocational Assessment Program. Plans for their new use have been drawn and the State of Georgia Department of Vocational Rehabilitation has committed funds to assist with the cottages – the remainder of the funds necessary will be provided by the RWS Development Fund.Any remaining Rotary and Friends of Ann Johnson donations – not used on the museum and pool -- will be used for cottage repurposing.

We appreciate your assistance and support of this memorial to Ann.We will keep you informed of Grand Opening dates and events.We look forward to seeing all of you at the museum and pool near the first of the year.

Posted by Steve Stanfield
July 7, 2018


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