Be The Voice

Students today are facing unprecedented challenges both academically and emotionally. Add in peer-pressure and social-media and many students are unable to cope, with some making life-altering choices to escape the pain and exclusion. In many cases, all it takes is ONE kind word (or act of compassion) from a peer, and things can change!

As adults, we understand the power of empathy and compassion as we have had a lifetime to develop our “soft skills” (common-sense, the ability to deal with people and a positive flexible attitude). In sharp contrast, our students are young and inexperienced. They are also Children of the Digital Age and have become desensitized, with a general conclusion and consensus among researchers showing a decline in interpersonal skills (specifically empathy). However, when forced to substitute “face time” with screen-time, empathy returns in days!

Enter Be THE Voice®!

Kids respond to things that are on their level and are delivered in a way that they understand. Our program was developed with that in mind!

It’s student led – Kids don’t want an adult telling them what to do.

It’s video based – Featuring students, athletes and celebrities sharing stories and advice.

It’s upbeat and fun – With monthly challenges that allow students to “walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk!”

It’s NOT an “anti-bully” program! – There’s nothing “anti” about it! It’s PRO kindness, PRO compassion and PRO inclusion.

If your Interact Club is looking for a way to make a true impact in their school, Be THE Voice® will do just that! The campaign starts in October and runs through March, giving the Interact students 5 months of visibility leading a truly life-changing movement. There is no greater way to teach students the meaning of “Service Above Self” than giving them the leadership skills to inspire change within their school and community.

As Aristotle stated back in 322 B.C., “Educating the mind without educating the heart is NO education at all!” With the partnership of passionate Rotarians and school administrators, together we can equip students with an education that involves both heart and mind – a recipe for success that will serve them throughout their lifetime!

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