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IDRotary YearTitleClubAbstractCategoriesKeywordsExtension 
3District Governor Nominee Form1 page form for submitting nomination for District GovernorPresidentspdf
6Building An Electronic ScrapbookNotes from Candace Klein’s electronic scrapbook workshop at the 2013 District ConferencePresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretariespdf
72014Georgia Laws of Life 2013-2014 Essay Brochure (2014)12-page 2014 Laws of Life Essay Contest brochure Service Chairspdf
82014Georgia Laws of Life 2013-2014 School Information & Registration (2014)4-page 2014 brochure for schools interested in the Laws of Life Essay ContestService Chairspdf
92014Georgia Laws of Life 2013-2014 Club Information Package (2014)4-page document explaining Laws of Life contest for clubsService Chairspdf
11Abuse-Harassment Policy SummarySummary of RI/D6900 policy with regard to abuse/harrassment preventionPresidentsdoc
12Assistant Governor Reporting FormAn Excel template suggested for use by Assistant Governors in reporting the progress of their clubs each month to the District GovernorAssistant Governorsxls
132015Assistant Governor Timeline (2015)Month by month summary of key tasks for Assistant GovernorsAssistant Governorsdocx
14Areas of Focus brochure16-page brochure from TRF explaining the six areas of focusService Chairspdf
15D6900 Abuse-Harrassment Prevention Policy13-page District 6900 policy with regard to preventing abuse and harassment of children, including appendices on reporting guidelines and recommendations to clubsPresidents, Service Chairsyouth, protectionpdf
16Developing Sustainable ProjectsOne-page overview from TRF on steps involved in developing sustainable projects.Service Chairspdf
17District Rotary Foundation Committee Manual69-page manual from TRF intended to assist district Rotary Foundation committee members in their leadership rolesFoundation Chairspdf
18Language/oath for installation of new President and BoardOne page suggested language/oath for installing club presidents and board membersPresidents, Presidents-Electpdf
19Membership Development Resource Guide52-page resource guide from RI for use by club membership committeesMembership Chairspdf
20North American Membership Supplement15-page supplement containing membership trends for North America, as well as some pilot programs clubs might consider for broadening their appealMembership Chairspdf
21New member induction samplesSuggested language for inducting new membersMembership ChairsAdministrationpdf
22Suggestions for presentation of Paul Harris recognitionSuggested language for presenting Paul Harris awards to members.Foundation Chairspdf
25Assistant Governor Guide38-page manual from RI on how to be an effective Assistant GovernorAssistant Governorspdf
26Rotary Days Brochure2-page RI brochure about participating or hosting Rotary DaysPresidents, Service Chairspdf
27RI Strategic Plan2-page diagrammatic overview of RI strategic planPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Membership Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service Chairs, Public Image Chairspdf
29Rotary Club Central Reference Guide16-page guide to Rotary Club Central, RI’s online tool to help clubs set and track their goals and achievementsPresidentspdf
30Rotary Club Central Foundation Goals Guide3-page diagram showing how to enter Foundation fund-raising goals, step by stepPresidents, Foundation Chairspdf
31Service Project Guide24-page guide developed to provide Rotary clubs with the tools they need to plan, implement, and evaluate effective service projects.Service Chairspdf
32TRF Grants: Terms and Conditions11-page explanation of the terms and conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants awarded after 1 July 2013Foundation Chairs, Service Chairspdf
33District Fundraiser Form2-page form for presidents to inform the District about fundraisers they have planned.Presidentsdocx
34Be A Vibrant Club4-page guide on how to make your club more successfulPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Membership Chairs, Assistant Governorspdf
35Membership Growth and Retention4-page overview of Rotary’s online membership program that helps clubs and districts identify prospective members, connect returning members with former or new clubs, and connect relocating Rotarians with clubs in their new area.Presidents, Membership Chairspdf