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687201710/18/2017 Griffin Daybreak Newsletter (2017)Griffin DaybreakThis Week's Program:
Rebekah Florence
Ronotohachi District Executive (Lamar, Pike, Spalding & Upson Counties) of the Boy Scouts of America | Flint River Council
12412 Steps For Creating Great Volunteer TeamsHTML page of tips on building teamsPresidents, Presidents-ElectAdministration
164201414/15 Budget Peter Michelson (2014)Decaturbudget 2014 2015 Peter Michelson Drew RobinsonTreasurersBudget 2014
1072202019-20 Club Categories (2020)Excel spreadsheet showing club categories as of July 1, 2019Presidentsxlsx
18420102010 Rotary Battle: Carrollton Dawnbreakers Rotary Club featuring President Mark Foster (6900) (2010)In March 2010 The Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy will celebrate its 10th anniversary of introducing children to the wonderful world of books and helping prepare them for school. The Ferst Foundation (FFCL) began in 1999 in Morgan County, Georgia, modeling its program on the Imagination Library initiative begun by musician and philanthropist Dolly Parton in Tennessee. Endorsed by Rotary International the program sends age-appropriate books directly to the home of each registered child until the age of five. The FFCL strives to improve early learning opportunities for every Georgia child regardless of income, race, religion, or gender with the philosophy that any child who cannot read is at-risk. After 10 years, with more than 1.7 million books having been sent to over 90,000 Georgia pre-school children in 72 Counties, the Ferst Foundation is eager to celebrate the program success with our Rotary partners through our 1st annual GEORGIA ROTARY PRESIDENT BATTLE. FFCL is recruiting Rotary Presidents from across Georgia to participate in this friendly competition highlighting one of the easiest ways to improve a childs school preparedness -- reading to him or her daily.Videos
2262013 & 2014 Combined Financial Statements24-page PDF scan of the District's audited financials for rotary years 2013 and 2014Presidents, Treasurersaudit, financialpdf
16020142014 District Charitable Fund Financials (2014)2-page PDF showing District Charitable Fund balance sheet and P&L for rotary year 2014Presidents, Treasurersfinancialpdf
16120142014 District Conference Financials: Actual vs Budget (2014)7-page PDF showing 2014 District Conference financial results versus budgetPresidents, Treasurersfinancialpdf
6120142014 District Conference Resolutions (2014)Text of the resolutions adopted at the 2014 District ConferencePresidents, Secretariesdocx
15920142014 District Operations Financials (2014)12-page PDF showing balance sheet, P&L versus budget and P&L detail for Rotary Year 2014Presidents, Treasurersfinancialpdf
452014 District Training Assembly Strategic Planning PresentationPresentation on strategic planning made at 2014 District Training AssemblyPresidentspdf
1702014 Golf Tournament SpreadsheetBremenGolf Tournament Spreadsheet for 2014xlsx
2912014 RCNA Golf Tournament (Fundraiser) BrochureNorth AtlantaContains information about an annual golf tournament fundraiser, with sign-up solicitation.

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
DeKalb Councilpdf
2442014 RI Young Professionals Summit Final ReportIn September 2014, Rotary International hosted 32 young professional Rotarians and Rotaractors in Chicago to talk about ways that clubs and districts can engage and empower current and future Rotarians. This report highlights the findings from this summit.Young Professionalsyoung professionals, YP, summitpdf
2452014 RI Young Professionals Summit Promo VideoIn September 2014, Rotary International hosted 32 young professional Rotarians and Rotaractors in Chicago to talk about ways that clubs and districts can engage and empower current and future Rotarians. This video provides a brief glimpse into the this unique 2-day session.Young Professionalsyoung professionals, YP
2612014-15 RCNA Club Survey Numerical ResultsNorth AtlantaNumerical compilation of answers to the 2014-15 Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA) Member Survey

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councilpdf
2592014-15 RCNA Club Survey QuestionnaireNorth Atlanta2014-15 Club Member Survey of the Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA)

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councilpdf
2952014-15 RCNA District Grant ApplicationNorth AtlantaSubmittal for a Rotary District 6900 grant (approved).

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
DeKalb Councildoc
2602014-15 RCNA Member Survey Comments CompilationNorth AtlantaCompilation of club member's responses to a 2014-15 Club Survey conducted by the Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA)

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councildocx
2582014-15 RCNA Strategic PlanNorth Atlanta2014-15 Strategic Plan of the Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA)

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councildocx
49120152014-2015 Financial Statements (2015)17 page PDF with 2015 audited financial statements and CPA cover letterPresidents, Treasurersaudit, financialpdf
2472015 D6900 Young Professionals SummitPatterned after the 2014 RI YPS, D6900 conducted a young professionals summit in March 2015.Young Professionalsyoung professionals, YP, summitpdf
10220152015 District Awards Process (2015)Summary of 2015 District Awards processPresidents
1552015 District Conference Agenda2-page PDFPresidentspdf
16620152015 District Conference Resolutions (2015)9-page PDF with signed resolutions from 2015 District ConferencePresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretariespdf
19520162015 Foundation Seminar Agenda (2016)1-page PDF agenda for the 2015 Foundation Seminarpdf
1692015 Golf Tournament SpreadsheetBremenGolf Tournament Spreadsheet for 2015xlsx
12020152015 Governor’s Citation and Awards FAQ (2015)web page answering some common questions about the 2015 awards processPresidents
10320152015 RI Significant Achievement Award Application (2015)2015 RI Significant Achievement Award ApplicationPresidents, Assistant Governorspdf
43820162015-2016 Financial Statements (2016)6-page PDF of District balance sheet and income statement for 2015-2016Treasurers, Assistant Governorsfinancialpdf
18620162015-2016 Laws of Life school invite and registration (2016)4-page PDF school registration form, including invitation cover letter to educatorsService Chairspdf
4402016 Club Holiday Party PhotosMarietta MetroHoliday Party PhotosNewsletterspdf
1452016 Club Leadership Timeline18-page PDF with important dates and month by month tasksPresidentspdf
3082016 Council on Legislation Changesshort article summarizing the significant changes made at the 2016 Council on LegislationPresidents
3142016 Council On Legislation Essential ChangesSummary of significant changes of interest to the Clubs enacted by 2016 Council on LegislationPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers
19620162016 District 6900 Directory (2016)131-page PDF version of the District Directory for 2015-2016pdf
1482016 District Budget2016 District Budget as of 2/24/2015Presidents, TreasurersResourcesxlsx
1472016 District Chain of Command1-page PDF diagram showing District TeamResourcespdf
23320162016 District Conference Diagrams (2016)3-page PDF showing diagrams of Marriott hotel and conference center and a map of Hilton Headdistrict conference,marriott,hilton headpdf
23420162016 District Conference Hospitality Suite Diagrams (2016)4-page PDF showing diagrams of the different types of hospitality suites available at the Marriottmarriott,hilton head,district conferencepdf
23620162016 District Conference Sponsorship Form (2016)1 page Word document on District Conference sponsorship opportunitiesdocx
3182016 District Conference: Be The VoiceBe the Voice – Debbie Cwalina, Rotary Club of RoswellVideosvideo,district conference
3192016 District Conference: Income RI President John Germ (Saturday night)John Germ Incoming President of Rotary International – Saturday NightVideosvideo,district conference
3212016 District Conference: Incoming RI President John Germ (Friday night)John Germ Incoming President of Rotary International – Friday NightVideosvideo,district conference
3172016 District Conference: Minda DentlerMinda Dentler on the impact of PolioVideosvideo,district conference
3162016 District Conference: Rotary SongRotary Song by Felicia Franklin-Warner, Rotary Club of Lake SpiveyVideosvideo,district conference
3202016 District Conference: Stop Human TraffickingStop Human Trafficking – Dave McCleary, Rotary Club of RoswellVideosvideo,district conference
49420162016 District Resolutions (2016)6-page PDF with the resolutions that govern the district as of April, 2016Presidents, Secretariesresolutions, governancepdf
15420162016 District Service Projects (2016)1-page PDF listing 2016 District Service ProjectsService Chairspdf
27120162016 District Training Assembly Agenda (2016)2-page Word file with detailed District Training Assembly agendaPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Membership Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service Chairs, Public Image Chairsdocx