Playground Maps of USA in Thomas County Elementary Schools

Elementary school children in our country need to have knowledge of the geography of the USA, particularly knowledge of the fifty states. The Rotary Club of Thomasville has consulted with the Thomasville County School system to gain permission to paint fifty foot wide maps of the USA with each state painted in different colors on their elementary school paved playgrounds. The result will be a year around teaching tool for children to improve and maintain their geography knowledge. Our Club’s project involved tracing and painting a large, colorful map of the United States on the playground of Garrison-Pilcher Elementary School.

Volunteers included six Rotarians, a Rotary spouse, and members of the Thomasville Scholars Academy Interact Club who participated, Max White (student) and Dawn Hunnewell (faculty advisor) and Christopher O’Neal, also from the Thomasville Scholars Academy..

As soon as we completed our work, a photograph of the map was texted to Principal Sharonda Wilson who immediately replied that she was “absolutely thrilled” about how well the map turned out. She will be sending our club a thank you letter soon.

This project provides tremendous educational benefit to the community, with minimal economic impact to the Club. It truly is a wonderful community project, that inspires participation by Rotarians and others in the community. The project reinforces the Rotary brand of support for education and will serve for many years to educate students about the geography of our country

Partner Involvement
Garrison Pilcher Elementary School, Scholars Academy Interact Club