Giving Back to Our Community

Like thousands of other communities across the country, Thomasville is just now starting to emerge from one of the most devastating disruptions to life and livelihood in its history. Our shared reality is one of struggle, shortages and sacrifice. And, nowhere is this reality more acute than those organizations and agencies whose very existence relies on the charity of others.

The Rotary Club of Thomasville is privileged to be able to respond to some of the greatest needs in our community today. Since mid March the Rotary Club has been meeting online, but our members generously continued to pay their dues to the club with the understanding that the portion of those dues which goes toward the cost of our weekly meeting and meal would be used to give back to the community. During this time, gifts totally more than $10,000 have been made to The Salvation Army, YMCA, Halcyon Home for Battered Women and Their Children, The Rescue Mission & Soup Kitchen, Fountain of Life Rescue (men’s homeless shelter), The Humane Society, Scott Senior Center, and Second Harvest of South Georgia. In addition, Thomas University and The Plaza Restaurant (to support service staff) will also receive gifts of appreciation from the club.

The road back from here remains uncertain… and could still be a long and difficult one. Even so, there is an unmistakable and pervasive sense of optimism that the worst is behind us, and we can begin to imagine a time when jobs are plentiful and social distancing is a choice and not a mandate. How we do Rotary may look a little different for a while longer, but the spirit of Rotary – Service Above Self – will never change or be diminished. As Rotarians, we are committed to giving back to our community and will play important leadership roles in its rebuilding.

Posted by Mike Bixler
June 30, 2020