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March 31, 2020


March is Water and Sanitation Month



5/25 Memorial Day - Roswell Remembers
6/13 District Celebration
8/6 Blood Drive
8/29 Sweep The Hooch


President Gordon Owens
President-Elect Lynne Lindsay
Immediate PP Becky Stone
Treasurer John Carruth
Secretary Terry Taylor
Membership Nancy Alterman
Foundation Mike Agurkis
Public Image Karen Schwank
Service Don Horton


Cheryl Greenway 2012-13
Bob Hagan 2015-16


Thursdays, 12:15 pm
Community Activities Bldg
10495 Woodstock Road
Roswell, GA 30075

Rotary Online




To: 41411

Our Rotary Family

3/2 Rob Sanborn
3/4 Tillie O'Neal
3/7 Nancy Alterman
3/8 Nancy Tolbert-Yilmaz
3/10 Jacob Harcrow
3/10 JP Watson
3/11 Jon-Paul Croom
3/12 Zach Hunt
3/12 Kevin Benscoter
3/15 Rich Austin
3/20 Charles Pettett
3/21 Amy Brannen
3/26 Robert Fezza
3/27 Hal Schlenger
3/30 Don Horton
3/30 Darrell Bartlett


3/1 Tom Wright, Jr. (7)
38 years in Rotary
3/2 Gene Beckham, III (20)
3/4 Ken Briggs (38)
3/5 Mike Prewett (5)
14 years in Rotary
3/7 Terry Taylor (7)
3/7 Michael Sutton (13)
3/7 Bruce Peoples (7)
3/7 Amy Brannen (7)
3/9 Todd Byars (14)
3/9 Jacque Digieso (14)
27 years in Rotary
3/9 Syd Mostajabi (11)
3/10 Mickey Deaton (15)
3/10 Keller Torrey (15)
3/10 Vivian Bankston (15)
3/10 Jeff McCoy (15)
3/11 Lisa Carlisle (10)
3/11 Lynne Lindsay (10)
3/11 Michael Gould (10)
3/11 Rich Dippolito (10)
3/12 Gordon Owens (9)
3/13 Stanley Moses (40)
3/14 William May (7)
3/14 Jerry Orlans (18)
29 years in Rotary
3/16 Scott Morchower (4)
3/16 Katha Stuart (4)
3/17 Walt Woliver (11)
24 years in Rotary
3/17 Danny Tompkins (11)
21 years in Rotary
3/17 John Albers (9)
3/17 Jim Swain (11)
19 years in Rotary
3/17 Tim McFarlin (9)
3/17 Lee Hollingsworth (11)
19 years in Rotary
3/18 Becky Nelson (6)
3/21 Jim Broadway (35)
3/22 Ron Redner (36)
3/24 Dennis Eidson (9)
3/24 Bill Houck (4)
3/25 David Wash (11)
3/28 Sally White (24)
3/28 Bob Clarkson (1)
3/28 Leonard Greski (1)
3/28 Jacob Harcrow (1)
3/30 Rudy Lind (20)


Our membership cares deeply about the needs and concerns of our members. We don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach out in friendship when such concerns arise. The chairperson of this committee is Lynn Dunn and all news should be directed to her at lynn.dunn@rmcpa.com

President's Message
We Got This

Wether it is walking around town and seeing signs like this one to encourage people to hang tough, or families spending time together outside or the many stories I have heard like the one below about people helping their neighbors, WE GOT THIS! As Americans and as Rotarians we have a strong desire to take care of one another despite the situation and this is no different. Please let me know if you, someone you know or an organization we support has a specific need so I can help spread the word. There are several great ways to serve other's outlined in this week's Rotascope. Stay safe, I look forward to seeing you all in person soon.

Bill & Patsy Wolf
Helping A Neighbor In Need

On behalf of Patsy Wolff, Bill reached out to the club to see if we knew a local family that had been impacted by COVID-19. Stacy Perlman helped us identify a family who was living in one of our extended stay hotels that was falling behind on rent. The dad was just laid off from his 1st job and had his hours reduced at his second job. The mom is pregnant with baby #4. Bill and Patsy helped the family catch up and covered next months rent so this family can get back on their feet. When we are able to visit our friends at St. George Village, I encourage you to stop by and thank Patsy for her continued generosity to our community.

Heroes Work Here
Thanking Our Health Care Workers

A group of anonymous Roswell Rotarians paid for this sign to go up outside of Wellstar North Fulton so their employees would know our community appreciates them. As a club we would like to buy them all a meal for a total of 400 meals across 2 shifts. Please consider making a contribution to help us buy our health care works a meal as a way to show our thanks.


Support Drake House Families
Send Gift Cards For Groceries

Drake House has asked if we can support their families buy sending gift cards for stores like Publix, Kroger, Walmart, Amazon, Target and Aldi so they can buy much need groceries. Every little bit helps, so please consider adding a couple gift cards to your basket next time your venture out to go shopping. For more information, call 770-587-4712 or email: info@thedrakehouse.org. Gift cards can be mailed to:

The Drake House | 10500 Clara Drive | Roswell, GA 30075

Another Way To Help
Supporting Kids In Need

Stand Up For Kids has an immediate need for feminine hygiene products, protein bars, Amazon gift cards for essentials and Uber/Lyft gift cards to help get people to much needed resources like NFCC. Robert Fezza is our club liaison so please coordinate delivery of your donations to Stand Up For Kids.

A Fun Way To Help
Be A Video Mystery Reader

Stacy Perlman asked me to be a virtual mystery reader for her students. They are sending kids videos of people reading a story and adding sound effects and props to make the stories more fun. Families are loving these videos. If you are interested, please email Stacy a link to your video on YouTube.

Saturday, June 13 | 11:30AM - 4:00PM | Columbus, GA
District Conference Now A Celebration

We will fire up the old school party bus and head to the Bibb Mill event facility in Columbus, GA to celebrate what has been one hell of a Rotary year on Saturday, June 13, 2020. Please save the date and plan on joining Rotarians from around the district for some much needed fun. For those of you that registered for district conference, your fees will be refunded in the next 10 days. If you booked a room in the group block it will automatically be cancelled with no penalties. I suggest you call to make sure your room reservation has been cancelled to be on the safe side.

Rotarians In Isolation

Since we haven't been meeting or getting out much as a group, I borrowed a few pics from Facebook to show what some of us have been up to during self isolation.

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