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April 27, 2021


April is Maternal and Child Health Month

4/29 Laws of Life
5/6 Nancy Diamond - Charity Update
5/13 Dr. Benjamin Zussman - Stroke Prevention
5/20 Dr. Dan Salinas, CHOA - Covid's Impact on Children


5/12 Hump Day @ Variant
5/22 Holiday/Anniversary Party
5/31 Memorial Day Virtual Ceremony
6/7 End Human Trafficking Police Training


President Lynne Lindsay
President-Elect Terry Taylor
Immediate PP Gordon Owens
Treasurer Alex Kaufman
Secretary John Carruth
Foundation Don Horton
Membership Mike Agurkis
Service Nancy Alterman
Public Image Lee Patrick, III


Cheryl Greenway 2012-13
Bob Hagan 2015-16


Thursdays, 12:15 pm
Holiday Inn
909 Holcomb Bridge Road
Roswell, GA 30076

Rotary Online



To: 41411

Our Rotary Family

4/3 Paul Lang
4/5 Jim Broadway
4/6 Mike Hampton
4/6 Dave Schmit
4/8 Richard Stilley
4/10 Todd Byars
4/12 James Stone
4/16 Bill Shore
4/16 Bob Clarkson
4/20 Ken Davis
4/20 Jonathan Crooks
4/22 Tom Campbell, Jr.
4/24 Ben Magoon
4/24 Herb West
4/25 Zachary Fields
4/25 Michael Curling
4/26 Jim Sheffield, Jr
4/28 Bill Houck
4/29 Marcus Smith


4/1 James Savage (0)
4/1 Dave Schmit (17)
4/4 Eddie Smith (25)
4/5 Cathy Steffen (2)
11 years in Rotary
4/7 Cheryl Greenway (27)
4/7 Don Howard (38)
4/9 Bill Wolff (0)
4/11 Sandy Buhler (8)
4/12 Jon-Paul Croom (2)
4 years in Rotary
4/12 Kyle Woods (2)
4/12 Susan Church (9)
4/12 June Brown (9)
4/13 Victor Smith (43)
4/19 Anne Greski (3)
4 years in Rotary
4/19 Kay Howell (3)
4/19 Jeffrey Meyers (3)
4/19 Hal Schlenger (3)
7 years in Rotary
4/19 Bill Shore (3)
36 years in Rotary
4/29 Jeremey Ashman (1)
4/29 Matthew Ashman (1)
4/29 Leslie Bassett (1)
4/29 James Stone (1)


Our membership cares deeply about the needs and concerns of our members. We don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach out in friendship when such concerns arise. The chairperson of this committee is Lynn Dunn and all news should be directed to her at lynn.dunn@rmcpa.com

President's Message
Well Wishes

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

This past week, we received numerous seventy anniversary well wishes from Rotarians and friends.

All were special, but the one that stole my heart was from this young man at STARHouse.  It's a blessing to serve. 

This Week's Speakers
Laws of Life Essay Winners

Welcome Felix Fisch of Independence High School who will share his Laws of Life Essay.

The Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest is a character education and ethical literacy program for high school students. It encourages teenagers to articulate their values and ideals, and it recognizes and rewards good character.

While providing high schools with an effective, cost-free character education program, the Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest changes students’ lives for the better. As students reflect on the values and principles that matter most to them, something magical happens. Through the power of the pen, students begin to see themselves and others with a new perspective. 

Each year, more than 40,000 Georgia students write a Laws of Life essay.

Thursdays, 11:45 - 1:15 PM | Holiday Inn

We are returning  to "the gym"  May 6th.    April 29th is our last meeting  Holiday Inn.   

1)   The Holiday Inn is located behind the Olive Garden at 909 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA 30076.

2)  Join us virtually at 12:15pm by computer, tablet or phone via CLICKING/TAPPING THIS LINK.   If you are asked, the password is Roswell.  

Free Pops for Teachers
King of Pops

Show your support  for over 400 Title 1 school teachers in the Roswell Rotary jurisdiction by providing King of Pops during teacher appreciation week in May.

King of Pops calls these donations an Unexpected Moment of Happiness (UMOH). Our goal is to raise $1400 as we have 401 teachers at four (4) Title 1 schools (Mimosa Elementary, Vickery Mill Elementary, Hembree Springs Elementary and Elkins Point Middle  in Roswell, but but wouldn't it be great if we could support more of our teachers?

For more information or to donate click  free pops for teachers.   Contact Ken Carter at 404-386-3214 or carter@kingofpops.com for more details.

Saturday, May 15th 9:00AM-1:00PM
HOPE Roswell Needs Volunteers

Hope Roswell is providing 2000 pencil pouches to She is Safe, a nonprofit that helps fight human trafficking around the world. She is Safe will take these packages to Indonesian schools. These school supplies open doors for conversation between the ministry and young girls. These conversations help these girls learn the do’s and don’ts in their everyday lives.

Volunteers are needed Saturday May 15 from 9:00AM to 1:00 PM. ALL VOLUNTEERS NEED TO REGISTER ONLINE. You will receive instructions once you sign up.  Click here to volunteer 

Saturday May 22nd 6:00PM - until
Come Party with Us!

Put on your parrot shirts and dancing shoes as we have a good old fashion Fish Fry at the home of Jere & Claudia Wood.

Don Rolader will be playing our favorite tunes. $20 per person/ $40 per couple.

 RSVP to Alicia by May 20th. She can bill your account.


Hump Day, Wed. May 12th 5:30PM - ?
Pizza and Beer at Variant

Join in a little mid-week fun with pizza and beer at Variant!    Bring a friend.

New Member Profile
Alesia Booth

Alesia has been a member of the Roswell community for 22 years, moving from Littleton, Colorado. One of the reasons she settled in Roswell was the ‘community atmosphere’ that was advertised, great schools and wonderful parks/green spaces. Today her daughters are proud Roswell High School graduates who participated in volunteer activities across the city (Roswell Rec/Parks art apprentice, various environmental projects) during their years of matriculation.

Alesia has a service history in other organizations, serving as founding member of Women in Innovation, board member (Atlanta Innovation Forum, Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council, Women Impacting Public Policy) and participating member (all the previously mentioned organizations). In addition, she has chaired the Trustee committee for Christ United Methodist church as well as member of the One Board for the church for several years. As a Roswell resident, she was in the inaugural class of the Roswell Core program that explores the different city departments and the programs that are offered, how they impact our lives as residents and identify areas for improvement. She is also involved with the Roswell Tourism Ambassador program.

Her interest in joining Rotary is to fulfill that basic human need to be connected to community – to give back in time and talent to build. She has a strong personal interest in creating opportunities to develop our youth, ensure quality of life interests for our elderly neighbors and be a part of conserving the overall community-oriented environment she sought out as a new resident 22 years ago.

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