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Added Information - Special District Grant Opportunity for Alzheimer's and Dementia Projects - Respond by August 31

We recently announced a special district grant opportunity for projects related to Alzheimer's and Dementia - available now due to the generosity of a fellow Rotarian. We have had some questions and this article provides some added information.

This a District Grant and it will be subject to the same terms and conditions of all Rotary District grants including hands-on Rotarian volunteer involvement.  All projects must be completed this year with a final report.  

We are asking for a page or page and 1/2 proposal (with a budget) describing the project they will create that addresses some aspect of Alzheimer's disease and makes life better for the individual, caregivers and/or the family. 

The requested budget can be up to $75,000 and can be less.  The projects might cover transportation for physician visits, congregate meals and social gatherings, caregiver support networks or hotlines, respite daycare and scholarships for families that can't afford to pay, visits to nursing homes and/or memory care facilities, musical events, art classes, exercise and workouts, constructing memory boxes to share, etc. Any benefiting organizations will need to sign the MOUs in the same way as we do with other District Grants.

If you’ve ever thought “surely something more can be done to improve this” a generous fellow Rotarian offers your Rotary Club a chance to do it this year - NOW.  Your Club may partner with other D6900 Rotary Clubs or community dementia related organizations. District 6900 has funds available this year to initiate special local community Dementia and Alzheimer’s projects that protect, improve care and the quality of life for individuals with these diseases and their families.

Take on this real challenge today!

Share your ideas and projects in writing with District 6900’s Foundation Team by August 31, 2023.

The Rotary Foundation’s stewardship and reporting requirements for Community Grants will apply.  Your project must be completed before July 1, 2024.

If your Club is interested , please contact Anne Glenn, DRFC at adillardglenn@gmail.com , PDG George Granade at granadeg@bellsouth.net or PDG Cheryl Greenway at cgrotarydg1213@aol.com

Posted by Anne Glenn
August 10, 2023


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