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Marietta Team Feeds MUST Ministry Residents

Teamwork is one of the most important tools as it relates to organizational efficiency.  Phenomenal miracles were accomplished this past Thursday as a bare bones crew of seven Rotarians prepared and served a hot meal to 100 diners in a three-hour timeframe at the MUST Ministry Fishes and Loaves Kitchen with customers lined up end to end in the dining hall and out into the reception area.  This is the largest number of diners present in several years.  After MUST residents are provided for, MUST opens their kitchen to the local homeless.  No one is turned away.  Gratitude, thanks and appreciation to all who turned out, leaned in, and made it happen.  The Rotary Club of Marietta in partnership with MUST Ministries has been preparing meals and feeding the homeless every 2nd Thursday of each month for approximately 20 years.

This month’s faithful crew of Rotarians consisted of Doug Haynie, Adam Hobbs (son of Harold), Chef Harold Hobbs, Dr. John Knox, Holly Walquist, Marlys Williams, and Fred Beloin (a welcome volunteer briefly pirated from Marietta Metro Rotary), creating a smoothly coordinated unit and ensured that no guest left hungry.  Every morsel of food was consumed, – no leftovers this week whatsoever.  There was enough to feed 100, but seconds were meager and the lines were long.  As the Rotary team departed the kitchen, remaining diners thanked and applauded all. 

This Thursday’s delicious entrée was Smoked Sausage Pasta Casserole, accompanied by a mixed salad with ranch dressing, fruit cocktail, hot rolls, and for dessert an assortment of cookies.

Posted by Marlys Williams
August 23, 2023


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