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841Rotalight (7-18-2018)MariettaRotalight (7-18-2018)Rotalight (7-18-2018)pdf
840Griffitarian 12 July 2018GriffinDwight Blackwood with the Atlanta Federal Reserve spoke on the history and purpose of the Reserve system.Newsletterspdf
839Jul 16, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroJul 16, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
838EPeptarian - July 13, 2018NewnanEPeptarian - July 13, 2018Newsletterspdf
836Rotalight (7-11-2018)MariettaRotalight (7-11-2018)Rotalight (7-11-2018)pdf
8342018 4th of July PhotosMarietta Metro2018 4th of July Photospdf
833Roswell Rotary Fall Prevention GuideRoswellA program guide for educating seniors on the risks of falling down.pdf
832Fall Prevention GuideRoswellGuide to helping educate seniors on avoiding falls.pdf
831Honor Air Veteran ApplicationRoswellDownload the Honor Air veteran application, complete the application and return it to us to be considered for our next Honor Air trip.pdf
830Honor Air Guardian ApplicationRoswellDownload the Honor Air Guardian Application, complete the application and return it to us to be considered for our next Honor Air trip.pdf
829Griffitarian 05 July 2018GriffinGriffin Rotary receives Zone 34 Public Image Impact Citation and District 6900 Citation at June 30th Year End Celebration in Columbus.Newsletterspdf
828Jul 9, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroJul 9, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
827Griffitarian 28 June 2018GriffinADG Ed Outlaw was on hand to induct our new President (Randy Peters) and our slate of officers and board members for the 2018-19 Rotary Year. Kathleen Smith and the Membership Development Committee were recognized for their outstanding service to the Club with the Hunt Cup.Newsletterspdf
826Griffitarian 21 June 2018GriffinDavid Bridges, President of Abraham Baldwin College of Agriculture, spoke on his school's history, mission, accomplishments, and aspirations.Newsletterspdf
825Jun 25, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroJun 25, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
8242019Rotary Membership Application 2018-2019 (2019)North Cobb2-page membership application in WordPresidents, Membership Chairsdocx
8232019North Cobb New Member Prospect Info 2018-2019 (2019)North Cobb3-page PDF overview of North Cobb membership requirementsPresidents, Membership Chairspdf
822Jun 18, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroWater
$96.66 – Auto
821Griffitarian 14 June 2018GriffinDavid Luckie, Executive Director, and Chuck Copeland, Board Chair, updated Rotarians on the Griffin-Spalding Development Authority and its recent and continuing fiscal impact in our community.Newsletterspdf
8202018 End of Year Party PhotosMarietta Metro2018 End of Year Party PhotosNewsletterspdf
8192018 British Motorcar Show PhotosMarietta Metro2018 British Motorcar Show PhotosNewsletterspdf
818Griffitarian 07 June 2018GriffinMike Twarkoski, Emory University Head Baseball Coach, spoke on the the baseball program's successes and acknowledged the impact that Emory's Chappell Park has made in attracting prospects and providing a state-of-the-art training and playing facility. Chappell Park was constructed through the generosity of our own Bobby and Linda Chappell.Newsletterspdf
8172018-2019 Governor Citation/Governors Rotary Challenge CupGovernor Citation/Governors Rotary Cup ChallengePresidentspdf
8162018-2019 Club Presidents Annual Report GoalsPresidents Annual Report GoasPresidentsdocx
8152019Rotary International 2018-2019 Awards (2019)2018-2091 Rotary International AwardsPresidentspdf
8142018-2019 Annual Recognition Guidelines2018-2019 Annual Recognition GuidelinesPresidents
81320192018-2019 Awards Powerpoint Presentation (2019)2018-2019 Awards Power Point PresentationPresidentspptx
812Griffitarian 31 May 2018GriffinRoy Bowen, President of the Georgia Association of Manufacturers, spoke on the resurgence of manufacturing in Georgia and the Association's efforts to further enhance growth and success of manufacturing.Newsletterspdf
811Jun 4, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroJun 4, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
810Authorization To BillRoswellDownload the authorization to bill form.pdf
809Auction Donation FormRoswellDownload & Print The Auction Donation Formpdf
808Hagan Cup Classic Tennis Tournament BrochureRoswellDownload a copy of the tennis tournament brochure.pdf
807Aubrey Greenway Golf Tournament BrochureRoswellDownload The Golf Tournament Brochurepdf
806Commitment FormRoswellThank You For Supporting Roswell Rotary!pdf
805Griffitarian 24 May 2018GriffinJim King and Philip Smith led an inspiring Memorial Day program with Bill Hardee narrating a video honoring those who served and died in the Vietnam War. Newsletterspdf
8042018 Golf Tournament PhotosMarietta Metro2018 Golf Tournament Photospdf
803Griffitarian 17 May 2018GriffinStephanie Windham led our program honoring the Laws of Life Essay winners from Griffin High and Spalding High. Three students shared their essays with the group. Mac Isaacs was inducted as our newest Rotarian, and Daybreak Rotary and Griffin Rotary partnered in printing the distributing posters focused on ending Human Trafficking.Newsletterspdf
802Griffin Rotary Spring Fiesta Information and MapGriffinOur Spring Fiesta is this Saturday, May 19th, from 4 to 8 PM at the new Mystic Acres, 1631 Williamson Road, Griffin. A map and info are attached. If you have not signed up to attend, please call Charles Woodroof (678-414-4271) or Don Crider (404-569-5289). That deadline is May 16th.Newsletterspdf
801Griffitarian 10 May 2018GriffinOrla McDevitt, our 2017-18 GRSP Student, shared her experience with the program over her past year at the University of Georgia.Newsletterspdf
800February NewsletterHenry CountyNewsletterNewsletterspdf
799January NewsletterHenry CountyNewsletterpdf
798December NewsletterHenry CountyNewsletterNewsletterspdf
797Buckhead Youth Protection PolicyBuckhead2-page pdf of the club Youth Protection PolicyPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Service Chairsyouth, protectionpdf
796May 14, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroMay 14, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
795Griffitarian 3 May 2018GriffinThe Honorable Drew Ferguson (U.S. Congress, Georgia's Third District)spoke on his first year in Congress and several legislative directions and activities.Newsletterspdf
7942019-2020 District Grant Request Brief InstructionsThe quick steps to completing a district grant request for 2019-20Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service Chairsdistrict grant, applicationpdf
793May 7, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroMay 7, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
792Apr 30, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroApr 30, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
791Griffitarian 19April2018GriffinTerry Whitaker, Assistant Executive and COO of the Boy Scouts of America, spoke on the mission, organization and opportunities in scouting.Newsletterspdf
790Apr 23, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroApr 23, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf